FAQ — SDK for Windows

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TrueConf SDK doesn’t work on virtual machines

We don’t recommend using TrueConf SDK on virtual machines.


How to set up a new project
For C# projects

Platform target

Set Platform target to x86 in your project settings.


Error #8

After an authorization attempt using the login () command, errorCode = 8 is received in OnXLoginError ().


TrueConf SDK extension is not activated in your TrueConf Server’s license.


Please contact us at sales@trueconf.com to enable this extension on your server.


Messages cannot be sent to chat using sendMessage command

There are two common reasons:

  1. You have indicated short user ID in sendMessage() command. Please note that you need to indicate full ID, e.g. user@server.name
  2. You try to assemble project on x64 platform. Please specify Target platform as x86 in your project settings.